School Rules

1. Any charges will not be refunded under any circumstances. 
2. If any student behaves in an in disciplined manner, the school reserves right to issue T.C to such a student. 
3. The minimum attendance for annual examination is 75% (60% under medical ground) by CBSE guideline 
4. The leaves will be granted only if the application is duly signed by the authorized person 
5. Attendance of a student must be in time and in neat and clean school uniform. 
6. Each student and parents are bounded to follow the rules formed by the school management. 
7. The Right regarding admission will be reserved by the school management. 
8. In case of any change in current address or phone number kindly inform to the school accordingly. 
9. Bringing valuable articles and weapons is prohibited. 
10. A Student suffering from any contagious disease should be sent to school after recovering from the disease. 
11. It is necessary for a student to wrap books and the notebooks with brown paper and paste his / her nameplate.
12. It is compulsory for all the students to participate actively in functions organized by the school. 
13. Parents are requested to ensure themselves about correctness of payment entries made in the fee card as well as balance payments before leaving the counter. Any claims after wards will not be considered. 
14. Even if students are admitted later during the year, fees for the whole academic yearwill be collected. 
15. No transaction on gazetted holidays. 
16. Celebrating birthdays, festivals and partying in the classroom strictly prohibited. 
17. Students must refrain from damaging any form of school property. The school reserves the right to be Compensated by the student for any such damage. 
18. Boys must not wear any earring and if ear ring is worn, by girls in any case then they must be small hoops or studs. Nose rings, bangles, rings, bracelets, tattoo , mehendi, of any kind are not permitted. 
19. Entry of students inside the school must be only in school uniform. Otherwise strictly action will be taken. 
20. Parents must attend PTM with their ward organized by the school regularly as per the schedule given in the annual calender. 
21. Parents must not interfere in school policies, however written suggestions can be given when & where it is required.
22. Parents must not misbehave with the school staff & all kind of matters must be solved with dignity & silence. 
23. All kinds of complaints of the parents must be given in writing in complaint box.
24. Principal's decision will be final and applicable. 
25. Parents and guardians are requested not to enter the classroom activity rooms or try to meet cor try to meet teachers without permission from principal 
26. usage of chewing gums and junk food or packed item are strictly school campus and school Bus. 
27. Dying of hair or usage of gel or stylish haircut / tattoos or mehandi / nailpaint/ hair clips is prohibited.
28. It is the duty of the parents to drop and pick up the student when any interschool competition/ Picnic / excursion tour etc. is organized outside the school campus. competition/ Picnic / excursion tour etc. is organized outside the school car 
29. Winter uniform is compulsory for all the students. 
30. Students who are taking meals will be required to submit the mess fees in advance on every first day of the month. 
31. Birthday Celebration:- School Celebrates the child's birthday in the assembly only.
The Child can come school in civil dress on that day. 
(i) Parents are encouraged not to send chocolates and sweets to school. 
(ii) Partying of any kind in the school premises is strictly prohibited. 
(iii) Gifts of any kind to the teachers and principal are not allowed.